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KCA Monthly Statement: Strategies for Lasting Security in Kenya


Presidential Dinner with H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta

WHO: Corporate Council on Africa
WHAT: Presidential Dinner with H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya
The cost is $100 for CCA Members/Government or $200 for Non-CCA Members.
WHEN: August 7 from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
WHERE: Grand Hyatt Hotel 1000 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Learn more and register at
*Events, times and locations are subject to change based on delegation schedules. All events to be held at the Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel, unless otherwise noted. 

-From the Office of Congressmember, Karen Bass, Ranking Member, Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights



Final National Diaspora Policy Revised


July 10, 2014



The Kenya DiasporaPolicy is a product of a highly participatory and inclusive consultative process which brought together stakeholders with long standing and solid knowledge and expertise on Diaspora issues. The Policy therefore benefited from views and input from relevant Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Diaspora Associations, private sector, civil society, NGOs and development partners. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services played a lead role in the development of the Policy. Kenyans abroad were ably represented by Diaspora Associations such as the Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) and the Kenyan Community Abroad (KCA) . Access complete Policy here (PDF)


Position Open: Executive Director Internship




KCA Welcomes Its 2014 Interns


The KCA Board is happy to welcome its summer Interns, Ms. Faith Thanji, Communications and Public Relations; and Ms. Elizabeth Ndinda, Research and Digital Media.


Ms. Thanji is a graduate student at the AQ Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Kansas State University. She also comes to us with invaluable experience in mass communication in Kenya and working with the IEBC in the registration of voters. Among other things, she will assist us in ensuring our efforts to establish voting mechanisms, a major undertaking in the works, are realized. 


Ms. Ndinda is an International Relations major at Coppin State University, MD. Her interest in historical research and the use of digital media will help KCA with diligent research on information leading to diaspora's informed response on current affairs and formulation of diaspora policy.  She will also assist in expanding our reach through digital and social media, both to the diaspora and to digital platforms the government has set up for Kenyans abroad.


KCA is partner to efforts by various diaspora organizations united towards common goals. We trust that our efforts in building our organization's capacity will help us all achieve these goals. At the forefront of shared goals is establishing diaspora voting platforms and getting diaspora voter registration underway. We believe that welcoming our summer interns will be beneficial to all of us as diaspora. Please join us in welcoming them.


We also ask that the diplomatic offices accord them the help they need as they serve out their internship. It’s our collective duty to mentor Kenya’s young leaders who will strengthen our institutions in the present and in future.


KCA is re-opening the search for an Executive Director Intern. See requirements below. Please send your resume and cover letter to:

The KCA BoT,; cc Mkawasi Mcharo Hall, 


Executive Director Intern


         Location: Work from home, with supervision and mentorship by a global Board of Trustees in various professions.

       Eligibility: Must be a diaspora Kenyan.

       Benefits: Non-paying. Interns leave with great recommendations, experience growing a non-profit, excellent connections, and inspired towards public service, diplomacy and organizational management.

        Interns are directly answerable to the KCA Board of Trustees.



1.      Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising

2.      Meeting with envoys, policymakers and other diaspora leaders

3.      Developing and implementing KCA’s signature projects

4.      Attending project-related and policy meetings on behalf of KCA

5.      Building bridges with other diaspora organizations

6.      Attracting new  and high-target KCA membership



1.      On-going studies in the relevant field, e.g., Organizational Management OR great interest in working in the leadership of a nonprofit organization.

2.      Deep interest and enthusiasm in diaspora matters and Kenyan current affairs

3.      Enthusiasm in attracting resources and accomplishing project goals

4.       Good communication skills, both writing and speech

5.      A team-builder, peace-maker in difficult times and a decisive leader


KCA signature projects:

The selected candidates will help to reinvigorate the organization through implementing and maintaining KCA’s flagship projects. These include: KCA Excellence Award, KCA Annual General Meeting and KCA Nyumbani Children’s Christmas Fund. Others are the Kenya Presidential Debates Institute, still in its formative stage.



Executive Director Intern will help the BoT in maintaining and initiating partnerships. KCA believes in project-based partnerships with like-minded organizations to help achieve common goals. KCA is partner to the Partnership League for Africa’s Development (PLAD), an association of African diaspora leaders; and Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA), a federation of Kenya diaspora organizations.


Diaspora Diplomacy:

KCA seeks to renew and grow a robust field of Diaspora Diplomacy and Advocacy with our envoys and policy makers in Washington DC and beyond, towards meeting the aspirations of the greater diaspora and the development of Kenya.


KCA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), in good standing, registered in Washington, DC and Rhode Island.



We need a diaspora head-count



KCA Leadership Elections coming soon



Diaspora Count and Representation


March 2014


The Kenyan diaspora has now come of age to warrant need for legislated representation. This requires political action. But what is diaspora representation? Drawing from a framework in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, it would entail:


  1. Some party that is representing 

Those representing diaspora include diaspora associations and their elected representatives; individuals who have acquired recognition as advocates of diaspora affairs by virtue of their activities in service to the diaspora; and offices and officials that have been empowered up by the government to serve the diaspora. In their separate capacities, these representative parties remain lacking either in resources, sustainable leadership, knowledge of who they represent, and legally empowering policies.


Legislated representation will help regulate the functioning of all these entities so that duplication of effort is eliminated, effective leadership is empowered, the flow of resources into legitimate organizations is increased, and tangible results from the representative parties are evaluated. Read more. 


Uhuru Government's Opportunity to End Blackout on Diaspora

One thing that seems to repeat itself is the continued blackout on diaspora, a legacy carried on from the previous government to the new one. Diaspora still remains a distant constituency of “those guys”, easily shoved and shafted, at best, thrown token representation.

In the past five years of the previous government, there was a diaspora representative at the Prime Minister’s office and another at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Whatever the efforts of these officials, neither one of them recorded any meaningful gains for the diaspora. For their high-profile and strategic placement, they were both a total let-down.  Read More


African diaspora remittances outweigh Western aid

Africans are helping themselves more than aid workers are, according to new research.

Analysis of cash flows by Hong Kong-based Ghanaian academic Adams Bodomo shows that Africans living outside the continent send more money home to their families than is sent by traditional Western aid donors in what is called Official Development Assistance (ODA).  Read more


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