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KCA has a two-tier leadership structure comprising of a Board of Trustees (BoT) and an Executive Management Committee. Elections for the BoT take place every three years and Executive Committe are elected every two years. The KCA Constitution has clearly stipulated on how elections and other KCA affairs should be undertaken. All members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the provisions of our Constitution. A copy of the KCA Constitution is available Here. A pdf version of the constitution is available for download Here.  


The Board of Trustees has now welcomes a third-tier leaders-in-training structure, KCA Interns.


KCA 2014 Interns:


Faith Thanji: Comunications and Public Relations Intern

Elizabeth Ndinda: Research and Digital Media Intern


Our current leaders are:


Board of Trustees   2013 - 2016

Ms. Mkawasi Mcharo Hall     - resident in the USA

Dr. David Otwoma                - resident in Kenya

Mr. Mahdy Abdi                      - resident in Australia

Dr. Ogendi Menge                 - resident in Australia

Mr. Gichane Muraguri            - resident in Kenya

Dr. Warigia Bowman             - resident in the USA


Board of Trustees 2011 - 2013

Dr. David Otwoma           

Mr. Mahdy Abdi

Ms. Mkawasi Mcharo hall


Executive Management Committee  2011 - 2013

Dr I.O.  Menge          -  President                               - resides in Australia

Ndung'u Kahihu       - Vice President                       - resides in South Sudan

Dr Warigia Bowman - Secretary/Treasurer            - resides in USA

Jacqueline Wanjiru - Assist. Secretary General    - resides in USA

Janet Feldman         - At-Large member                  - resides in USA

Hussein Abbas        - at-large member                    - resides in Kenya


Queries regarding KCA may be directed to the Secretary-General or the President.  However, you may contact any of the executive Committee members by using the Contact Us form which you can find Here.